Air Conditioning

With the passage of time and due to changing weather conditions globally it is quite but natural to have air conditioning facility so that human life is at ease and people enjoy all the seasons howsoever harsh they may be at any given point of time.  Air conditioning demands that the building be completely secured from all type of leaks and openings so that it’s inside temperature can be maintained.

During summer air conditioning machine produces and circulates cool air which as such lowers the temperature inside the premises otherwise it could be horrible and intolerable for human beings to remain inside facing high temperature In case of winter when outside temperature is low because of air conditioning inside temperature is high making the place hotter so that the occupants do not feel any chill and instead enjoy the weather.



Platinum Customer: Contracts for one year maintenance in which spare parts and compressor shall be supplied by us and the customer will be charged at reduced rates and his calls shall be attended at top priority.

Gold Customer: Contracts for one year maintenance where we supply the spare parts excluding compressor and is charged lesser than others and as shall be attended urgently when called us.

Silver Customer: Contracts for one year for maintenance only with no reference to spare parts and compressor.