Fruit, vegetable, fish, and milk and dairy products along with meat are all perishable and after some time they because by their own nature cannot remain fresh and ready for human consumption all the time but for a very short period of time otherwise they will decay and turn injurious for human consumption. Then quite very often these items are also supposed to be transported on regular basis from one place to another sometime even to other countries and continents as well and therefore it is very much obligatory that the products so to be shifted from one place to another must not decay in the process.  There cannot be any rigid scale as to what should be the temperature to keep all these things fresh and alive and therefore it has been found that there cannot be any uniform temperature for all the items and instead each item has its own desired temperature to keep the items fresh and saved from decaying.



Platinum Customer is the one who contracts for one year where our quote calculated at special discounted rates shall include maintenance with spare parts and compressor.

Gold Customer is the one who contracts to get our services for one year against payment on reduced rates where maintenance is done along with spare parts.

Silver Customer is the one where the client contracts for one year but limited to just maintenance service excluding spare parts and compressor.