Air Duct Cleaning

Presently most of the buildings whether in east, west, north or south whether it is commercial or residential have central air conditioning systems which as such operate all 365 days of each year and it is quite but natural that when air during the process of either cooling or heating continually passes through the air ducts then after some passage of time the air so inhaled shall be polluted to some extent which in turn becomes unhealthy and injurious to human beings. It may not be so visible to our eyes but if it is checked up in some laboratories then it will be proved beyond any shadow of doubt that the air is as healthy as it should be.

It has been established with conclusive proofs that the air ducts so installed shall of course be infested with harmful and injurious elements namely rodents and insects etc. In addition to this, there will



Platinum Customer is the one which gets the premises cleaned on regular annual basis at very special reduced rate.

Gold Customer is the one who gets the premises cleaned after 18 months on regular basis against some discounted rate.

Silver Customer contract to get the premises cleaned after passage of every 24 months on regular basis.