Scarcity of land, which is too expensive in any case, has given birth to concept of the high rise construction which was not seen so a couple of centuries ago when big constructed buildings were spread over a large area from east to west and south to north. The horizontal buildings, therefore, as compared to vertical buildings, provide maximum accommodation space within the shortest possible area and therefore under the given circumstances it is advantageous to go for sky scrapers instead. However, height necessitates that there must be elevators and escalators to cover the distance from the ground to the level one wishes to reach simply because it will be next to impossible for human beings to reach the top if the structure is a high rise building.



Platinum Customer is the one who contracts for 2 years continuous maintenance for the property which shall be inspected on monthly basis and he gets quite handsome rebate as compared to the one who has no annual contract and the customer is attended on 24 hours service basis and is given top preference.

Gold Customer is the one which contracts for 1.5 year maintenance annual maintenance contract and the facility shall be visited on monthly basis and shall be charged at some discounted rates. The customer is offered 24 hours service and will be attended at earliest.

Silver Customer is the last in the category that contracts for 1maintenance and the facility shall be inspected each month and shall be attended at the earliest. He is charged less than what a customer with 2 years or 1 year maintenance contract is charged with. He is also entitled to 24 hours service when called.